My name is Charlie Visconage and I make goofy, funny, bright, dumb, and fun portraits of people and animals. I get up to paint at 5 am most days to paint the silly things I want to see become real. In my world, guns are golden, animals have attitude problems, and my subjects have probably had a few drug experiences they wouldn't tell Mom about.

I’m a self-taught artist in Washington, DC and I started expressing myself on stage as an improv comedian and later on my own late-night stage show, The Charlie Visconage. When the show finished, I decided to switch gears and begin creating visual art when I no longer had anything to express on stage. I begin doing doodles in pencil and grew to add color to these creations with some prodding and help from a friend and local artist Matt Sesow.

My paintings explore a range of American pop culture subjects: movie scenes, politicians, musicians, animals, visions of the future, magazine ads, and comic book panels. My paintings feature a piece of text related to the image, sometimes describing the image, sometimes based on a related bit of overheard conversation.

I paint at my studio space at DC Arts Studios in Takoma Park, Washington, DC. When I travel, I create smaller works on paper based on conversations I overhear at bars. In 2018, I traveled to Trebnje, Slovenia for the 51st International Meeting of Naive Artists, my first international residency. I can’t wait to go back.