Charlie Visconage is a self-taught pop artist who currently resides in Washington, DC. His subjects include people and animals, all with a colorful, pop sensibility. Charlie began his artistic journey as a local comedian with his own Tonight Show-style talk show, The Charlie Visconage Show. The show ran from late 2011-2013, and when it finished, Charlie was hungry for a new form of expression that would blend a comedic sensibility with the ability to produce things himself. Through his friend, local DC artist Matt Sesow, Charlie cultivated a new obsession, painting.

His influences include artists Graham Roumieu, Roy Lichtenstein, Keith Haring, and Matt Sesow. He currently paints in his studio at DC Arts Studios in Takoma Park, DC, getting up at 5 am daily to do so.

In Charlie’s world, colors are bright, animals have attitude problems, guns are golden, and correct spelling is optional.